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Another Review, and A Request for Music

Strange Horizons have posted a second review of Paper Cities, but this one isn't nearly as amusing as the last. About 'The Funeral, Ruined', Maureen Kincaid Speller wrote:

Some stories come closer, sometimes much closer, in the way they examine the interconnectedness of the city and its people... In contrast, Ben Peek's "The Funeral, Ruined," a rare science-fictional story in the collection, queries the relationship between people and city rather than merely accepting it, as does Jay Lake's "Promises; A Tale of the City Imperishable." Peek's Issuer is a city of transients, close to the huge cremation Ovens, and created by a speculator who services the temporary needs of those bringing their dead to be disposed of. It is, as Peek says, a city of purpose. Linette, living among the dead, dying and transients, can no longer fulfil her role as a soldier, but neither can she yet join the dead. She does not belong, but given she sees herself as being as good as dead, why would she leave?

Not nearly as fun as the previous review, is it?

Speaking of which, there was some confusion among people as to which was the bad line and which was the good line in the L. Timmel Duchamp review, so I'm going to throw it open to voting. Just like any democratic election, you will have only two choices to make:

1) With hard yanks, she tightly wound the frayed black laces of her boots up. On the right boot she missed a hole, and on the left, two.

2) Her skin, however, sagged around her jaw, wrinkled over her face, and continued to do so down her neck until it was covered by the brown gown she wore.

Remember, it's only with voting that your opinion can be heard, and mostly discounted.

And, lastly, I'm trying to help a friend find an album or link to a UK band called Livingston. Anyone heard of it? I have vaguely, but any search I do comes up with a thousand other things, and I figure there's an easier way to solve this. Most appreciated if you got something for me.

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