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Moving, Sorta.

Change, change.

Firstly, things have been a little quiet on the blog of late, I know, and that's mostly because I've just been going through a quiet phase. Run a blog for seven years and it gets a little like that.

Actually, that's a bit of a shock, that. Seven fucking years. Christ. Seven years on livejournal, too, though that's one of the changes that is coming. Thanks to the lovely Stephanie Campisi (stephcampisi) and Jono Chang, I have a new place to go and blog, over here. I'm still fixing up the links and such, so give me a bit of time on that, but as of now, I'll be blogging from there, and cross posting here, for all you lazy bastards who can't be bothered altering your friends lists. In truth, it'll likely mean very little to you, except that it begins my slow withdrawal from livejournal, and the strange and often idiotic things they do. I'll be free to post as many images of my nipples on the new blog as I was now.

In other news, everything concerning Across the Seven Continents of the Underworld is complete, and the agent is off to sell it. There weren't many changes to be made, a few chops, a few names changes, and the title of the book is, much to my regret, different. I really liked that original title, but Kris reckons it's not novel enough, and a lot of people think it's too long, including editors, so it's been retitled to Beneath the Red Sun, which is the alternative title that I had while writing the thing. I can't complain too much: truth is, the new title suits the book a little bit better than the first, and it has a bit of a weird western feel to it.

Books, hey?

Anyhow, now that's done, it's time to get my shit together and start working on other things. I've got to pay attention to the way the end of the year is shaping up, monetary wise, and it's time to start writing some different things, and readjust my schedule. No playing World of Warcraft until two in the morning, y'know?

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