Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Paper Cities Review

There's a fairly long review of the anthology Paper Cities here.

Of my story, it is said:

The Funeral, Ruined, by Ben Peek is a bittersweet tale of life and death. In a city ruined by war and dotted with huge public crematories, ex-soldier Linnette gets ready to the ritual tattooing that marks the funeral of her former lover. But is he dead? Peek keeps the readers attention "reading" the last letter Linnette's lover left her. A good cheat, Peek makes the reader believe in a suicide letter, but the case is quite the contrary. The Morticians and their tattoos are an awesome idea.

You know, I never once thought of writing that letter like a suicide note, but what can you say, hey? Positive is positive.
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