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The other day, Michelle tried to convince me of the merits of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I thought it was okay sounding, myself, though I'd never heard of it before, and this apparently left both her and her boyfriend horrified at the knowledge. A little curious, I started asking round if people had ever heard of it, and no, no one had, but one. I'll get to the one in a second, but during my searches I also learnt of the practice of pouring maple syrup over bacon. Since I have neither maple syrup nor bacon in my place, trying that out will have to wait, but it came with the assurance that it was beautiful and awesome and rather like something Jesus might give you.

It was my sister who had heard of the peanut butter and banana sandwich. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, since she was the kind of girl who, when we were kids, age Vegemite and grape sandwiches together. She'd get whole green grapes and, with two pieces of bread slathered with Vegemite, toss them between and have herself a snack. It was the most disgusting thing, in my opinion, but she loved it. Anyhow, what she told me about the peanut butter and banana sandwich was that Elvis used to eat them. Reportedly he'd pan fry them and go to town. Perhaps as he stared out of the security cameras around his little secure world, and stared out at the girls waiting at the gate, wondering which one he would take next. According to my sister, Elvis was addicted to virgins, and enjoyed having them, though I can't imagine why, myself. That's conversations with my sister, though, for you. I think she'd recently seen a documentary.

At any rate, I did try the peanut butter and banana sandwich. I put it on toast so I could get that melted peanut butter thing going, and the trick, it seems, is to get the measure of peanut butter and banana right. A little brown sugar isn't too bad, but I can't take credit for that, as Michelle told me to do it.

I'm not going to swear by it. It's okay, but not awesome.

Maybe if I pan fried it, however.
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