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Help My Friend Out

Last year, my friend Paul Haines (paulhaines) was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

As uncool news goes, this was pretty high, but Haines and his wife and young daughter, however, worked through the months of treatment to pull out of it. Take a tour through Haines' blog to see how he dealt with it--it's the sight of a much stronger man than me, I assure you. At any rate, after this time, all things seemed good, until spots appeared on his liver, and further treatment is required. Now, here comes the important bit: though most of his treatment is covered, a large portion of it is not. To quote Haines himself:

He [his oncologist] still wants to wait a couple of months (ideally he wants even more than that) to see how the cancer in my liver is behaving. He also understands our fear, our need, to not be sitting around waiting to do nothing. So in those couple of months we will try the other two forms of chemotherapy for cancers like I have and to combine that with a monoclonal antibody called Avastin. Chemo fights the tumour, the antibody fights the blood vessels feeding the tumour. Unfortunately, Avastin is not part of Medicare or the private health system's funding at this stage, so we're having to come up with $20,000 to do it. Our parents have said they will help us here, which is a great relief.

Twenty thousand is a lot of cash, and there's a paypal fund put up so people who want to kick in a few bucks can do so.

I can't force you, obviously, but I'm going to kick in some, and I like Haines personally, so while no doubt he'd appreciate it, so would I if all you know from the pair of us is me.


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