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A Field Guide to Surreal Botany

Contents & Contributors

* Susan Fedynak: (Floating) Armor of the Dark Blue Heart, Armorea Navum
* Alexandra O'Neal: Attercopp Plant, Chelicereae Telacaulum
* Andrew Nicolle: Avian Trumpetflower, Trochilium avifructus
* Jay Lake: Baby Cabbage, also regionally referred to as The Leaf, Squallroot or Mother's Little Helper, Cruciferae Brassica homogenesis
* Elizabeth Langford: Big Yellow Flower of Unnecessarily Obvious Information, Explanatum obviosis
* Steve Himmer: Bitter Mortar, Cucurbitaceae Marah
* Eric J. Millar: Bone Garden, otherwise known as Adam's Ribcage, Aloe skelaphalia
* John Bowker: Burning Bush Fungus, Encephalitozoon Elysium
* Ann Leckie: Clickweed, Everricula Pilolaqueus
* James Trimarco: Cloud Anemone, Bromeliaceae Tillandsia nebularia
* Jonathan Wonham: Couch Kelp, Siturfatarscea velvetorleva monthlypaymentis
* John Black: Devil's Pork, Tuberaceae Tuber
* Jon Hansen: Dream Melons, Melo somnio
* Steve Berman: Esemtep, Unclassified
* Lucy A. Snyder: Fairy Apple, Timewarp Lemon, Atlantis Mandrake, Podophyllum sidhe
* Francesca Forrest: Firefly Bellflower, Tintinnabulum photuris
* Matthew Baugh: Flame Lily, Nymphaeaceae-flammiferum
* Elaine Clift: Forget-Me-Bastard, Myosovictimis uncertae sedis
* Patricia L. Havis: Giant Cloud Lily, Liliaceae Lilium
* Mark Teppo: Haunt Vine (also known as Ghostroot and Spirit Creeper), Ipomoea Umbris
* Mary E. Lowd: Kitty Willow, Salix ambulara
* H.F. Gibbard: Kvetching aspen, Populus kvetchis
* Brendan Carson: Lautokan Ear-blossom Plant (Tautau e vata), Auriculula cosmetales
* Adam Nakama: Leonidas' Bloom, Campanula lacedaemia
* Merrie Haskell: Library Plum, Bibloteca prunus
* Kris Dikeman: Nightmare Lotus, Nymphae somnium maledictus
* Cassandra Phillips-Sears: Ozymandias-Plant, Lamiaceae (Genus unknown)
* Shveta Thakrar: Padmamukhi (the Lotus-Mouthed), Nelumbonaceae nelumbo
* Victoria Elisabeth Garcia: Poliphila, or "Shriner Vine," Unclassified
* Eric Schaller: Queen Victoria's Bloomers, Monkey Ho, Caligula homocopulus
* Yvonne Pronovost: Screaming Mimi, Datura clamo
* Darja Malcolm-Clarke: Shade's Globe (also: Sibylwort), Umberia medianus
* David Kelly: Singing Grass, Unclassified
* January Mortimer: Stag-Eye Nettle, Urtica aboculus
* Suzanne Palmer: Swift River Hopping Pitcher Plant, Pseudosarracenia verdeverminus
* Livia Llewellyn : Teslated Salishan Evergreen, Cupressuceaohm salishan nikola
* Philip J. Lees: The Faerie Hogweed, Heracleum ignotum
* Stephanie Campisi and Ben Peek: The Nabokov, Unclassified
* Toiya Kristen Finley: The Poseur Nosehairs, Animaceae Sominus
* Matthew Kressel: The Sembla, Spasmodicus plasticosa
* Catherine Gunson: Thuringian Shade-tree, Umbropsida noctalus
* Christopher M. Cevasco: Time Cactus, Chronocactus hematophageis
* Vera Nazarian: Twilight Luon-Sibir, Russica spectrata
* Tom Pendergrass: Ugly Tree, Medusa's Hairbrush, Acer horrendoturpis
* Erik Amundsen: Waterbaby Cress, Nasturtium Charleskingsleni
* Shweta Narayan: Whistle tree, Catalpa musicalis
* Alex Chambers: Wild Homilywort (var. Speechtree), Quercus loquatium
* Dave Coulter: Wind melon, Saturn melon, God's Eyes, Cucumis melo helioaero


Above is the cover and table of contents for A Field Guide to Surreal Botany, and it contains the piece that Steph Campisi and I wrote, called 'the Nabokov', which is of course, related to Vladimir Nabokov. It continues my trend of naming stories after real life people (I only just realised it was a trend) and starts the new trend of making authors more talented than I do all the work while I take large portions of the credit (always a plan, difficult to execute).

The book promises to be one of those groovy little indie projects that will, I suspect, sell quite quickly. It's being illustrated by Janet Chui, and having seen the work done on the piece Steph and I wrote, I reckon it's going to be quite a lavish project. Something to keep an eye out for and snag early on, I'd say.

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