Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Bill Henson, Again (I'm Not Done)

I have found an image of you from Bill Henson's show.

It is the image that's flashed around on the TV, the safe image. It is of you, child, but your personality has been stripped from it. Your face is blocked out. The media doesn't care who you are. It has silenced you. It doesn't bother to ask you what you think. You are too young to think, too young to have an opinion and so they have rendered you nothing. They have made you nothing but your body, but your slimness. Your breasts have been hidden, however. Doing such a thing speaks to society's desire to render parts of you taboo, to say, in a fashion, that these pieces of flesh which grow upon you at a certain age must be hidden, must be of concern for you. Don't show them. Hide them. Having them renders you a sexual object. We know you can't control having them, and for that we're sorry, so we'll do what you want, and remove them, we'll take steps to hide them and render you a safe object. It's your safety we're concerned for, which is why we deny you any personality. It is for your safety that we black out your breasts, but leave the curve of your hips, and shoulders, for we know there is nothing sexual about them. Just breasts. We're glad your hands hide your vagina, too. We would call it cunt, but such a word also comes with connotations we are not secure in connecting with one of your age, but nevertheless, your hands, they hide your vagina, and for that we applaud your decency. You were only born with it. It's not your fault that it's there. Cover it up, child, hide it so that no one can see it, make it secretive, turn it into something that when seen makes men and women explode in sexual urges and want to treat you as nothing but a faceless lump of flesh they wish to fuck.

Now, if you don't mind, I have a video of Saddam Hussein's execution to show you. You may have seen it on the news, uncensored.

(Thanks to Kirsten (fearofemeralds) for the pic--and you can read her post here, too.)
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