Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Fat Pizza

i saw Fat Pizza last night.

is this the perfect australian film? it's certainly the one i've enjoyed most. it follows the four employees of fat pizza through a day in their life. bobo, the chef, has a mail order bride coming and will be married the following morning; however, he's too cheap to pay her airfare, so she's snuck in as a refugee. pauly, one of the delivery boys, has a run in with the mcdoggle franchise, midgets, an ugly baby, and the onboard computer of his car. sleek, the second delivery boy, is tormented by the fat girls he uses to sleep with their attractive friends; but he is also chasing attractive men because he's an in the closet bisexual, and he is also being chased by cops (and may i say, the bit where the cop rips him from the car and starts beating him while screaming, 'this is for September the 11th!' is utterly hilarious), and has various crime syndicates chasing him from sleeping with their daughters and posting it on the net. and lastly, the new delivery boy, davo, has a few drug problems.

the movie is, basically, off the wall bad taste humour. no one is spared, not the police, not the lebanese, not the australians, not the midgets, or the asians, or the greeks... no one. utterly no one.

and it's great.

'police are targeting lebanese' claims one sign. later, it claims to be targeting the drug supplier, habib. there is, of course, lots of drug usage. most of it by davo, who's personal history is drug habit followed by religion to clean him out followed by the return of a drug habit due to disillusion with religion.

there is sex.

there is violence.

a nearly extinct animal is stapled to a table. a midget is beaten. mcdoggle clowns are repeatedly beaten. it's all over the top, and funny.

i could go on, couldn't i? Fat Pizza is based off the sbs show on Monday nights, which i also like. (the killed dougie the pizza boy, after all.) if you don't like that show, you won't like the movie. if, however, you like the show, you, like i, will be proclaiming it the finest australian film made since Chopper.

the film even has kamal in it, who has the final words:

'why are people so unkind?'


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