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Nowhere Near Savannah, Interlude.

Nowhere Near Savannah will be stopping for two months, and returning on the 23rd of July.

We're at the middle of the comic now, in week 26, and the grind of doing this every week since October last year has worn me down and I need a break to catch up and organise how the final half of the comic will resolve itself. Since it's autobiographical, I may need to go outside. In response to this break, Anna, who spends her spare time rescuing people from villains and so forth because she does not need sleep, has decided to have a baby. I believe this has been done to show what a lazy fuck I am, and should you all need to make that comparison on facebook between us, feel free. Anyhow, this child should be around any day now, and hopefully I'll be able to scam a pic of him/her to post here.

I know two months might seem like a long time for a break, but we're going to try and do a couple of things between it, so there should be a little bit here and there so it doesn't seem so long, but part of the reason for the long break is that it isn't worth rushing things and doing it before we're ready. When you're in charge of your own project, you can say how things go, and that's what we've done. So, anyhow, what I ask is that, if you've been digging it, you just hold in there for us, because it'll be back, and it'll run another twenty-six weeks, and you'll be able to see all the little jokes, all the foul language, and the reason why if you were a real terrorist, you'd blow up Disneyland and not the Empire State building.
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