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That's a nice camera. New?

Birthday present from Charlie.


I think going to America made the choice pretty simple for her.

Give us a look?



Yeah, fuck you, pass it over.

No, man, you—you can't have a look.


Tell me you're not taking—

It's for when I get lonely.

I must say, some of them are quite artistic.

Are you looking at them now?

Something wrong?

Well, we're in McDonalds at the International Airport.

Also, there's an old lady behind you.

There's no old lady behind me.

Maybe she'll want to star in your next set.

I'm telling you, man, I missed my calling.

From night shift manager to pornographer, huh?

These are some damn artistic, man. If you could see what I see... well, let me just say you'd be fucking impressed.

I'm going to leave that camera in the hands of children, you know that, right?

It's always children and the elderly with you, isn't it?

You got weird fucking fetishes—and I'll be back in a sec. Taking a piss.



Hey, you know something, there is an old lady there.

Told you.

Did you both look?

Well, she wanted to, but I said that'd be an invasion of your privacy.

When I said that, she offered me fifty bucks.

Fifty bucks, hey?


By the way, you are aware of the fact that traveling with you for two weeks with a camera full of relationship porn is asking for trouble.

I mean—you know how this is going to end, right?

A little bit of restraint, maybe?

For two weeks?

You don't have that kind of restraint, do you?

Restraints? On a holiday?

That such an alien concept?

Holiday's in another country are consequence free. Didn't you get the memo?

I can't see that theory fucking up on you at all, man.

You've always been shockingly conservative on vacation, you know that, right?

Nah, I just think you got to be a moron to think you can live without consequence just because you're on the other side of the fucking planet.

Should I get t-shirt?


You're really going to do that, aren't you?

Why not?

Seriously, man, it's a holiday. I just spent two months grinding through HSC tutoring. My students, they're going to go to away to Schoolies and drink and fuck like there's no tomorrow. Outside the drinking, that sounds like the way to be to me.

Does that even sound rational to you?

Sounds good, that's what it sounds. Just kick back, have fun, and know that in two weeks, I got to be back here, broke.

Maybe I should delete the photos.


The children, you understand.

Maybe when we're in LA, I'll look for pornography jobs.

Maybe you should keep the photos for a resume, then?

They're already gone.

You reckon it's easy, though?

Being a porn director?


I reckon there'd be a lot of cleaning.

That's not a problem, I have a cleaner.

What you and your girlfriend do in your spare time is none of my business.

No, seriously, I have a cleaner. This woman who used to work with me has started her own cleaning business. You pay her twenty bucks an hour and she vacuums and dusts and alla that shit.

The shiny upper middle class life, hey?

It's pretty cool—you walk into my house, it looks likes I've got it together now.

Maybe you should take photos of that?

Cleaning porn?

Yeah. I reckon there's a whole market for it. Cute girls cleaning your house. Dusters, mops, but nothing hardcore. None of that—that sex with appliance shit you might be thinking of. I mean, maybe naked, but it'd be pure cleaning. Down on her knees, scrubbing a floor, up on a ladder, getting cobwebs out of the corner.

And the end—the cum shot of the whole thing, is a wide angled shot of a whole house in pure cleanliness.

You really given this some thought, haven't you?

We'd be millionaires.

Speaking of which, reckon we should change our cash over to US dollars?

Yeah, okay. Just let me say goodbye to the old lady behind you first. I feel that we've bonded today.

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