Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Anzac Day (Complete with Dueling Hip Hop Videos)

Anzac Day.

Did they, I wonder, play God Save the Queen in the dawn service? Did people march, and salute, and say how brave people were? How admirable it was to waste ten thousand lives on nothing? Did someone say that it was here that the Australian legend began, or some shit like that, as if the blood split in another country could make a national identity any quicker than the blood spilt at home?

Did someone, some fucking retard, say they died for our freedom?

It's a shit day, always has been once you realise what it's about. Lest we forget, they say. Lest we forget what, exactly? Futility, anger, the way oridinary people get picked to live and die so that a small group of people can get some reward. Maybe it'd be different if the things we grew up with as a kids were true. If there was evil, if governments did do things because of the right reasons--but morality is a slippery, fucked up thing, and right is never as simple as you might think, and for every injustice that people get up against, there's hundreds going on that people don't do a thing for it. Flip on the TV right now and you can watch Robert Mugabe in Zimbawbe cling to power through violence and rigging an election, but the international community does, as it has for years in relation to that particular stain of humanity, nothing. Is it because it's difficult? The Western world--the British, in particular--have a bad history with Zimbawbe, and any intervention on their part would be seen as a colonial power reasserting itself, and could, in Mugabe's fevered brain, be seen to prove his point. Or perhaps it's some other shit: perhaps it's because Zimbabwe gives you nothing and is full of unimportant black people. Maybe if it had oil. Maybe if it could support an industry. Maybe if Mugabe had pissed the right people off. Whatever it is, I'm just using it as an example of some kind of thing going on in the world where the reports of people being beaten for voting the wrong way, for people suffering for years, for everything we're all suppose to be against, is quietly accepted.

Maybe Anzac Day isn't comparable, but I surf my friends list and I see a lot of Lest We Forget, I flip on the TV and it's the same thing, and this day here, this is sacred bullshit in this country, and maybe I'm just feeling cynical, maybe I just got up a little more jaded than usual, but this whole day we got here, where once people had a memorial so that such a waste of life ought never take place again, it strikes me that this is not what we're doing these days, and that instead what happens is a glorification of war, of the men who were in it, and the way they died, for such dumb and pointless reasons, and this only reinforces our support for the dumb and pointless wars we're currently in, and will be in later.

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