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Navigating the Truth

One of the most difficult things about Nowhere Near Savannah is how I use reality in it. It may not seem like much to you guys and girls reading this, but my friends have agreed--based off their experience of 26Lies--to let their current lives be pulled into this little comic, but more importantly, to let me take what exists and fashion it into thematic concerns, narratives, and a sense of drama without the safety net of 'Is it true?' that 26lies had.

Sometimes, however, it's a difficult line to walk. Yesterday's comic might not have sat as well with Dee as it might have if I'd cut the last quarter out and, when he called last night, I offered to take it out if he wanted, but he said no, it's cool. All my friends have said that, though a couple of them have asked for names to be changed--Cas, for example, didn't want Charlie's name to be used, and Michelle asked for Cock Boy's name to be removed from the dialogue, but they're minor things, and I'm not too bothered by it. It strikes me, however, that I have a certain admiration for my friends--on top of my usual friend admiration--because not one of them has said that they wish to be left out of the comic, or have certain things cut away. Indeed, as the thematic concern of late 20s, early 30s lifestyles become more and more stronger, and as I test my ability to write about each in the most interesting, non-judgmental way that I can while keeping the autobiographical strand strong, and not changing characters, the comic has begun to play it a lot closer to the bone on various things going on in each life.

Not that my friends aren't participating. Here's the comment Djae left on his plan to hide drugs up his ass in a Kinder Surprise:

And in the end....?
I'll have you know that it was a complete waste of time! There wasn't a single member of law enforcement at either airport! Not a dog to be seen (excluding those looking forward to the leather themed party)

So cunning was my subterfuge I was practically begging to be strip searched (nothing new about that i admit) and yet?

Thin Blue line 0
Me 1

Crikey it was a good holiday n' all th

But still, there remains the concern that one day I will over step a line, and one of them will get pissed at me. If you're asking what I'd do at that stage, the answer is that I would likely scrap that comic--at 22 weeks into this comic, and with 26Lies behind me, I don't think I can say that anyone who appears in either of the two hasn't given enough life to it.

What does concern me is that, in the comic, I run the risk of becoming nothing but a foil for everything that happens each week. If someone, for example, is required to look like a moron for a joke to work, then that someone is going to be me; if someone has to say something to say, then my own voice becomes very narrative driven, allowing the beats to exist. Mostly, I don't mind, and it means that I've had to work the characterisation in different ways, which is usually for the cumulative effect. By that I mean that while the other characters in the comic get what I consider a strong burst of identity each time they appear, my own personality is measured across the various comics. Hopefully that is working, but I'm not actually sure if it is or not. Guess we'll see by the end.

Overall, I have to say feedback has been pretty good. I haven't run across anyone who has hated it, though I'm sure there's a few people out there that do. You can't please everyone, so why try--but I think the comic has gotten a little audience, and I'm certainly enjoying writing something different, something without any weird, and which is a mix of comedy and drama and in a different form.

Anyhow, shit to be done today.
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