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24 Hour Party People.

i saw the poorly titled 24 Hour Party People last night.

it's a shame the director didn't go for a better title, but the film is still good. a make believe documentary that's a film about british punk/rock. it starts out with a small gig for the sex pistols, and continues on from there. if you've always had a bit of a soft spot for joy division, new order, bez, and other bands that came out during this period, then hey, this film is for you.

personally, i've never had much use for new order, and thus, i've avoided joy division entirely. this changed after the film, however, and my kazaa lite is chugging down the joy division downloads. good stuff.

there's not much to say about this film if you don't like the music. it's about the music, the music drives it, the music is the plot--there really isn't a narrative that can be described except for the documentary following of a rise of music. there is a central character to it, and he's good fun, but he is, after a while, completely overshadowed by the music.

24 Hour Party People is shot like a handheld camera (and indeed might have been) (and i mention only because some people like this and others do not) and sometimes the titles are hard to read, but these are minor concerns.

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