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You might have noted things have been a little quiet here of late, and that's simply because I'm pushing through to the final parts of Across the Seven Continents of the Underworld. It needs to be finished, and I'm kinda throwing all my time into that to get it done--what spare time I've got is then thrown out on things like Nowhere Near Savannah, the odds and ends projects I have, and then work, what remains of my social life, occasional TV and video games, and sleep, in that order. Things will probably continue this way for April, I would imagine, but if it's a bit quiet here, that's the reason.

In other news, relating back to Heston's death, I originally had a comment how he was in one of my favourite films of all time, A Touch of Evil:

I don't love the film because of Heston, mind. He's not bad in it, but there's something intently wrong about the fact that with a bit of makeup on he's been passed as 'Mexican', while plenty of Latino actors surround him. But I love the film for Welles, who in my own way I idolise, just a touch, and I adore the film for the scenes where Welles and Dietrich are together, and Dietrich's final lines in the film, which are perhaps my favourite final lines, ever. I didn't have much time for Heston elsewhere--the religious films are wank, the science fiction ones laughable, but he was part of this film here, and fuck, but I love this film.

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