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Requested Topics: Romance

I was shocked to learn that I don't blog a lot about romance.


Okay, so I lie: I wasn't.

This is because I don't know fuck all about romance.

But then, who does? Make a mixed tape for a girl (or boy, whoever, everyone likes to be romanced) and they don't like music? Chances are it's not real romantic. Take someone to the beach, and they've a phobia of water? How about lovely meals of dead things for vegetarians? I haven't done that last one--the word arrangement just struck me as nice--but I've done some of the others, and I've had some really fine failures that have left me with the opinion that romance is all about the person, and what one person digs, another is not going to do so, so try not to have one set of romantic moments.

Anyhow: here's my view, and it's simple, really, in that I figure romance is just doing something for the person who means something for you. I had a friend who sung Guns N Roses' 'November Rain' at a birthday part to his girlfriend which, hey, is incredibly lame, but it was her favourite song, and he looked like a moron in front of a bunch of people. She said it was romantic and I figure it was the combination. I've another friend who takes his girlfriend out for the whole dinner, flowers, chocolates cliche that ends with walking on a beach, and it sounds like a bad movie to me, but the pair of them are perfectly happy with that. I got another friend who tells me that being romantic is just taking a moment to touch without the aim of sex. Of course, she's single, and I figure she's got lowered expectations, but I identify with her best because of similarly lowered expectations.

The existence of romance is never in question, really, but the mileage of people varies throughout the world, because there's a lot of people living half life relationships, and when you're half lifed, you simply cannot be assed being romantic to someone. You'd rather do something else. Things get to be more interesting, more urgent, more whatever, and so the little things drop away.

Or maybe I'm just talking shit.

Just in case, here's a plus sized model in her home made dungeon talking about romance:

Topic requested by Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones)

(For amusement, I have taken part in a meme that goes, "Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it." You can still drop in ideas, as the post will stay open until I either finish them all, or I simply get bored with writing about things I don't usually write about. It's here.)
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