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Black Sheep, One More Time

I mentioned the other day that a friend tried to buy Black Sheep out of Galaxy in Sydney, but couldn't remember the reasons. John Au-Yeung, who works there, however, did, and emailed me to tell me that the reason was because the book was listed as canceled on Baker and Taylor's listing.

I emailed Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) and he fixed it up, so it should, in theory, be all good. Near as could be figured, the canceled listing is for when the book had a print run, and when it got canceled it didn't switch over to the POD edition. At any rate, it should be looking good now (or just about now) so if you've a bookstore and you haven't been able to order the book, give it another go, and let me know if it doesn't work out. Likewise, if you're someone who wants to order it from a bookstore.

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