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I Tell You What Science Fiction Is!

Over at SF Signal, I took part in the day's question, "Everyone knows the "Old Guard" definitions of science fiction. As part of the "New Guard," how would you define science fiction?"

Perhaps the most surprising thing, for me, anyhow, was that I was considered part of the 'New Guard' of anything. Weird, hey? Anyhow, certainly better to be asked things than not to be asked things, and for what I said (and what people like Paul Di Filippo, Jeff Vandermeer, Nick Mamatas, Jay Lake, Alastair Reynolds, Marianne de Pierres, Adam Roberts and more said) just follow the link. It's also worth having a read of the author bios--authors write those things, after all--since some of those just struck me as funny. Maybe I was just in a mood when I read them.
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