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Arcade Fire and David Bowie

For some unknown reason, it never occurred to me to search for videos of Arcade Fire and David Bowie playing together, but then Jhayne (porphyre) had one up the other day, and suddenly I was there, flipping through youtube.

I snagged this song online a while back--maybe early 2006, shortly after the gig was recorded. The two did a small set which, along with 'Five Years', also inlcudes 'Wake Up' and 'Live on Mars', from what I remember. Perhaps there is more in the Fashion Rocks gig, but if there is, I never found it. At any rate, what's not to like about David Bowie and Arcade Fire playing together? I dug it so much that when Ben Payne (benpayne) and Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones) were putting together their anthology, 2012, all I could think of was this song, 'Five Years', and what it would be like if you had five years before the end of the world. At the end of that thought, I had a dialogue called 'David Bowie', which they bought, and now I am showing you all the song.

It's cool, isn't it?
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