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26Lies on a Horror List

Over at Horrorscope there is a best horror in 2007 list and, because of course it is, 26lies is on the list.

It is a stupid list, mostly because of the categories that split 'International' authors and 'Australian' authors apart as if Australians were retarded children in need special consideration. But, outside that, the best thing about this list is the game I created just this moment while reading the names of the people involved in making it. I figure you'll all want to play as well, so here are the list of the people involved: Jason Sizemore (publisher of Apex Digest and Apex Books), Ellen Datlow (editor of the long-running Year's Best Fantasy & Horror series and many anthologies), Gary Kemble (ABC journalist and Australian Shadows judge), Stephen Dedman (award-winner and author of The Art of Arrow Cutting, Shadows Bite, and many short stories), Lee Battersby (award-winner and author of Through Soft Air), David Caroll & Kyla Ward (award-winning co-authors of Prismatic), David Conyers (author of The Spiraling Worm and renowned Mythos writer), Andrew McKiernan (HorrorScope editor/reviewer), Mark Smith-Briggs (HorrorScope editor/reviewer and Australian Shadows judge), and Shane Jiraiya Cummings.

The game is called 'Pick the People Who Did Not Read 26lies Because It Would Have Made Them Vomit to Own a Book By Me.'

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