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The Yearly Wrap

"Do you know much about songs?"

"A bit."

I'm walking to the door, tutoring done.

"Can you recommend me some songs?" he says, just past eleven.

"What do you want music for?" See how canny I have become? Yes: "Is this for the girl?"

"I want to write her a song so she'll unblock me from MSN." He pauses. Then: "Also my friend likes her."

Aw. Doesn't it just melt your heart? He already has a doomed, fucked up romance that he's throwing himself into. Sniff. It makes me so proud that I can share my knowledge. The future is safe.

At any rate, that is the opening I thought would use to lead into my year in review, which I've seen going round on a few blogs. My big change in the year was, of course, giving up on having a boss and a place to go to work at, and it seems to have suited me, at least in the last half of the year. The work wasn't difficult to find, and I enjoyed it, and hopefully the new year will continue in that fashion. Everything has its ebbs and flows, and the work has it's downside--hello, it's Xmas/New Year, no money no money--but I like being answerable to myself, I like the flex on time, and that kind of thing. It'll have to change to become sustainable for a long term thing, but I've given that some thought, and I've a few ideas. I have a vague plan to start doing more workshops at schools this year, but that will depend on how the start of the year, and if I can come up with a few different things that'll appeal to teachers. At any rate, I figure a couple of years from now I'll take a look around at how things have panned out, and assess the sustainable thing there.

The Non-Money Job, the writing gig, was a bit of a mixed year: a book came out, people seem to like it so far, but there was book release drama, and I don't know how much it has sold exactly, but it's not enough to make me cool. I try not to thing too hard on that shit--there are things I can do, and things I can't do--but obviously finding yourself an audience, and selling well is part of the gig, and if you know you've got an uphill movement for it to happen, it's one of those things you just got to keep working for.

Don't let it fool you: I got no idea how to do it.

Anyhow, I did the write up for fiction a few days back and I'll spare you it all again. This blog went through a few changes, too, as I toned down on the Australian speculative fiction side of things, in part because it was a fairly ordinary year for it (or seemed to be) and the truth is I feel as if it's not really the scene I'm in these days, if I ever was. The majority of my fiction is being published outside the country, the interest is outside, and so on and so forth. At World Fantasy, I got asked a lot if I was there with the Australian group, and my reply was always along the lines that I was Australian, and outside being friends with a few of the people in the group, I had my own thing to do, my own people I'd like to meet and see, and that is kind of how I've come to view myself and Australian literature, if you follow. The blog has adapted to that, I guess.

At any rate, outside all of that, everything has gone fairly normally. There were stupid girl moments. There were stupid moments. World of Warcraft really is like crack, please help me, it's the last of my youth... and life is cool and it's into the next year, and you all have a good one.

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