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The Holiday Cheer

Tomorrow rocks round to Xmas, and a few days where the western world shuts down, mostly. Do what you're going to do and have fun, wherever you are.

Me, I don't have much use for Xmas, but every year I go to my grandparents and I have the Xmas lunch with them and Mum. If my sister is in the country, she goes, too, but this time she's in New Jersey, doing what it is people in Jersey do for Xmas. At any rate, it's a nice day for me, but it has no religious or festive kind of feel--it's just one of those things a not very particular religious family has been doing for years. It's been nice, though, to note in the people I tutor a similar thing in the families--no trees, no decorations, nothing but a shrug. The day you can't avoid out here. They're not all like that, mind you. Some like the trees, the decoration, and yes, even the music. I met all kinds in this gig. But it's nice to know you're not the only person who couldn't give a shit about the day.

Still, that's life, hey?

Enjoy the day tomorrow.

Oh, and here's an Xmas song from South Park.

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