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Nowhere Near Savannah

Small note:

Nowhere Near Savannah will take a brief, two week hiatus over the Xmas/New Years break and return on the 9th of January. Both Anna and I are still ahead, so there's no hassle, but neither of us want to burn our lead down because we spend two weeks doing fuck all and enjoying time with family and friends. Traffic is generally down over that period, so I'm sure no one will mind much. If you wish to slash your wrists, involve yourself in a bit of self harm, or the usual ways you register your despiar, well, that's okay, too. When we return, there will be a three part storyline entitled 'How I Met My Friend's Girlfriend and it all Went Badly', followed by the introduction of Anna herself, and then Cocks. Lots and lots of cocks. Because you can spend too much time with cunt, I suppose.

I think that may be the best line ever.

Otherwise, we hope you're enjoying it. Peace, as they say.
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