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Nowhere Near Savannah. Art by Anna Brown, Words by Ben Peek.

There's a lot of cards here, yeah?

Why am I standing in a card store?

Cause I got sent a card yesterday.


You're suppose to be helping with this table—this is not picking up my table here.

I want my table.

This'll just take a moment.

I want to take my table home and eat off it.

I have been eating with no table. I ate off the floor last night. I'm not civilized until I get my table.

Five minutes.

Just five fucking minutes. That's all.



Why are we here, again?

Cause I got this.


That's one fucking scary card, man. Who sent you that?


No shit?

No shit.

What, it's been a year and half since you spoke to her?

'Bout that.

Think she could have sent you a happier card.

You—you should read inside.

That's why we're here, isn't it? I'm going to open this card and there is going to be some weird shit on the inside and you're going to infect me with your obsession with card stores cause you're trying to decipher the hidden meaning of this.

That's what's going to happen to me, isn't it?

Read the card.



What does it—

What does she mean that she had no choice but to send this card to you?

I have no idea. I thought maybe there was some weird fucking card thing going on where you could only buy one card now, but look around. There's a lot cards in this store.

Jesus, you're suppose to be meeting my girlfriend tonight. This weirdness can not be the conversation of the night.

You haven't seen the best part yet: the card has a name.


Turn it over.

The Hanging Moon.

The card is called the Hanging Moon.

Let me get this right:

Let me—

No, I don't understand this.

You haven't heard from this girl for a year and a half. You had that insane falling out—


Got a better word?


No wonder you're not a very successful author.

It was just one of those moments when you think you're on the same page, but you're not.

It was insane. Friends get feelings for each other and sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't. It's not an unusual occurrence. Just part of life. But I have never—not once, in thirty-one years, have I seen the devastation that was leveled after this one. You admitting feelings for someone is the fucking doom, apparently.

I mean, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about this, and the pair of you found the wrong fucking way real quick. You should've just never told her—whatever she should have done, she should have done it. I got no idea what she should've done, but calling you a misogynist? That was not the way to go. But what really fucking impressed me was that the pair of you kept jabbing the knife into each other for five fucking months as if you were in a real relationship with children and cash and lawyers and all that shit.

I swear, if you hadn't walked away from that when you did, I would have fucking killed you. We all would have killed you. It would have been a mercy thing for us.

I'm glad to see you're not over-reacting to it.

You two were crazy. I don't think you understand that.

I mean, look, I have a falling out with someone, I don't mail their shit back to them with a card called the Hanging Moon. That's just fucked up.

It does suggests some kind of message.

And she tells you she no choice but to send it, thus ensuring that you cannot pass it off as a mistake. Like, oh, I picked up the wrong card—sorry, I meant to send you this happy, yellow one that looks like ran of sunshine and happiness, no.

Well, that is from the set the card came from.

This is why we're here, isn't it?

I wanted to see the other choices.

There's fucking twenty-four!

And only one of them is reaching out of the darkness on a twisted stem, struggling towards the light, and in a vain attempt to reach a purity, a place of clean sky not yet marked by its own past.

You're not talking about this tonight, okay?


No. You're the first of my friends to meet Charlie. You must appear normal.

This is very important.

Why don't you just ask for a kidney?

Her friends are super normal. You have to compete.

That sucks.



...But I got to say, man:

You are the twilight zone for women.

It's not all strange.

You saying that while holding the Hanging Moon?

Like to hold it for me?

This is a deep and meaningful card reach out. Who does their reach out with a fucking card?

It's a Christianity thing.

Yeah, God sent his only card to Earth.

I remember that in the bible.

Not the card. I mean, like, the Christian society thing that inspires the card. We grow up with these morals the church has all around us. It's naïve to think it doesn't have this kind of consequence.

Look, we get told from whenever that Jesus died for us, that he forgave us our sins, forgave us our fucking crucification of him, and every way we used it to benefit ourselves. Turn the cheek. Move on. Put the past behind you. It doesn't matter if we don't believe it, forgiving people is one of those things society likes to do; it's the moral high ground; and not letting relationships you have dissolve with people cause of your own fucked ability to deal with the feelings of other people, that's just as good as forgiving.

What society doesn't say, though, is that it's all half life bullshit anyway. Nothing can go back the way it was. Even Jesus doesn't come back to heal people and get crucified a second time, y'know?

I can't believe you just said that all in this card store.

Just trying to figure out the logic of it.

Seriously, dude, just let it go.

That doesn't let me philosophize.

There'll be plenty weird girls and there'll be plenty of weird cards, I'm sure. You got that voodoo charm. But this one--keep doing what you been doing and keep away from it, man.

Why do I do talk to you about this stuff? You're no fun.

I want my fucking table.

And tonight, when you meet my girlfriend, this weirdness better not be the topic of conversation. I need to leave the twilight zone.

You can stay in it all you want, but I need to leave.

You're saying I can't bring the card with me, aren't you?

Normal. You must appear normal for her.

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