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Request for Horror People

It's recommend me time again.

This time I am looking for horror novels suitable for an eleven year old. By this, I don't mean young adult books. If you've been following my quest to get an eleven year old boy reading to improve his vocabulary, you'll note that he won't have anything to do with YA stuff, since it is, in his words, "Boring." Boring means this: there's not enough violence, there's not enough zombies, there's not enough battles, and there's not enough death, murder, mayhem and so on and so forth. I recently got him to read a Resident Evil: Zero Hour, which he quite liked, and managed in two weeks. Not to shabby for a kid who prefers girls and movies. Ah, but he'll do well. He currently has one of the Dan Abnett Warhammer novels, Double Eagle, which he took with greedy little eyes, but I'm not sure how this is going to roll. My feel is that there are going to be too many characters in the book, and that he'll find it an empty, joyless thing with decent prose... wait, no, that was me. Well, I'll see how he goes. If the Abnett book does well, I'll try some more of them along with the Perry Resident Evil books.

But, yesterday, he made a request for a horror novel. Zombie zombie, apparently. Kids these days, huh? I'm not terribly well read in the way of zombie novels, so I'm putting out the question to you guys and girls who are, for a bit of help. Please remember that while obscene amounts of violence is fine, I'd like to keep the language down, and if possible keep the sex out of it, for society is a contradictory beast, and while I'm sure sex would make him read just as much as violence, that won't win me any joy from the parentals, who pay me.

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