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The Day

Here, Pop, smile.

Eh. What is that?

A camera, smile.

Why are we taking a photo?

Cause we've been in this waiting room for three hours.

So they can identify us later, right?






That it?


I'm sorry about this. I didn't know we'd be here so long.

It's no big. If Mum'd told me it was day surgery, I would've bought a book, though.

She didn't tell you?


You hear that Muriel?


What's she doing?

A crossword puzzle.

That's what I thought. She doesn't want to talk to the likes of us now. We're too good for her! Haha!

How long we've been here?

Three hours.

I could've done the operation myself by now.

You think?

Well. Maybe. Did you enjoy New York?

I did, yeah.

It's unlike any place, isn't it?

It reminded me a bit of Sydney, actually. More people there, though.

Yes, that's true. It's been a while, I suppose; I was there just before the war broke out. I was in the navy, and I was going to see a jazz musician the next night--Domino? Have you heard of him? he was brilliant. I was really looking forward to it.

I've never heard of him.

Brilliant. Brilliant live, they said, but the war broke out. We had to rush back to the ships to get them into international waters, otherwise they'd be out of use throughout the war. I tell you, the navy stopped being fun once the war started.


How long we been waiting?

Over three hours.

I tell you, I could have done this myself.
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