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Paper Cities Reading

At the end of this link is a video of the Paper Cities reading in WFC.

It is over an hour long, but you can see, somewhere in the middle of it, Chris Billett (chrisbillett) and I read a part of my story, 'The Funeral, Ruined', which is in the anthology. Both of us have accents, so obviously, we're both worth the price of admission. Chris is only slightly better looking than me, which is why, I imagine, he gets applause at the start and end of the story. At least, I assume so, since my net connection seems to be shot tonight, and I can't get a good stream for the video.

Also, it's an hour long.

Also, I don't particularly want to watch myself on film... yet I am drawn to it like a car crash. I hope I laugh.

Order of appearance is Cat Rambo, Cat Sparks (catsparx), Mark Teppo (markteppo), Hal Duncan, Catherynne Valente (catvalente), and Kaaron Warren (kaaronwarren). Chris and I fall after Teppo.

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