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It's Just One Big Tease

from yahoo news:

'Los Angeles-based Playboy, the world's oldest skin magazine, is launching "Operation Playmate" to help perk up troops by allowing them to e-mail the centrefolds who will send back autographed photos of themselves.

But "Operation Playmate," the brainchild of Playboy's colourful founder Hugh Hefner, won't be sending the boys any nude pictures, spokesman Bill Farley told AFP.

"The boys will be able to send an e-mail to their favourite Playmate and she'll send them a head shot of themselves or of them wearing shirts and T-shirts," he said.

"We don't want to send any nude images that would be offensive to our Arab allies in the Middle East, but we wanted to give the guys something else to think about to get the imagination going."'

i find the whole last paragraph to be really quite amusing. i can just see the troops out there, pumping themselves up before invading more of iraq, holding in their hands the head shots of their now politely dressed playmates, and screaming out, 'we're doing this for miss september! remember that when you've got an iraqi in your sights! miss september! miss september!'

and then they head off with their tanks and machine guns and their soft core porn to make the world a better place.
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