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Funding for ASif

In the last couple of years, ASif, the Australian Speculative Fiction review site, has done a lot of good in bringing critical opinions about Australian work out. Before it came about, there was no venue for regular reviews outside erratically published magazines, and even then, those were far from comprehensive. Whether or not you're aware of it, the site has been a good influence on the scene here, and it would be a shame, I think, for it to stop growing and evolving.

Which brings me to my point:

ASif owner and editor in command and all've that, Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones), has recently had a change in life that has made cash a bit tighter, so she's holding a fund drive to help cover the costs of the site:

I am unable to subsidise the project costs for the current forseeable future and will be looking at several avenues to save this project. Running costs for ASif! currently mean postage. In 2006 the project cost me $500. This tripled in 2007 as did our review output. I hope that the trend will continue for 2008 as the profile and credibility of the project rises. However, the predicted costs are a bit staggering.

The postage costs relate to the fact that all hard copy material is posted to me and I post review copies on to reviewers. One option I am looking at is organising the publishing house to post the book to the reviewer and bypass me in the process. The issue with that is that about 80% of the books I receive I do not know are coming. Also, it requires reviewers to take review assignments before ASif! receives the book. Often, review copies sit in my office and wait for reviewer workloads to open up and have space for the review. I would think that if we cannot immediately place a review copy with a reviewer, we would lose the option to review. Not something I am cool doing. If anyone has a better solution, please put it forward!

In the meantime, in order to ensure that the enormous pile of review copies that came in while I was away get placed and that there is no break in review transmission, I am holding a Donation Drive. All monies received will be used in ASif! running costs.

You can even win prizes.

Also, as an aside, Alisa also points out that she's always looking for new reviewers, so if you want to get in and support the site that way, feel free to contact her.

Anyhow: donate something if you've a free couple of bucks, and pass the word round, also.

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