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Possession (Free Fiction)

My story, 'Possession', is up on the newly revamped Fantasy Magazine Zine. It's a Red Sun story, and is about a woman who lives in a giant hole that runs through the world, and the woman she finds. It was inspired by the above photos. I quite like the story, myself, though me writing about what I like in it strikes me as a little self absorbed, so I'll spare you. Below is the opening for it, and after that a link, where you can read it entirely. Drop back and let me know what you thought once you're done.

"Three days before Eliana Stein found the girl made from bronze, the stocky Botanist noted the passing of her twelfth year living in the Aremika Shaft, though she did not celebrate it. That was the kind of woman she was: pragmatic because she lived alone, modest because her vanity did not extend to her celebrating her own successes, and fatalistic, because surviving the passage of time, she believed, was an act of submission, not rebellion."

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