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Election Day

Around the blogs I read, and in the people I know, it's election day, and it's a chance to remove the party that has lied, they say.

I don't vote. For some, where voting is something you can make a choice on, that won't mean much. For people who don't have the right to vote, it'll mean something else, and I hope one day you have the choice, but I don't live in such a culture, and my issues are different to yours, and sadly, getting the chance to vote just gives you different issues. For the people in Australia, it'll mean I'm breaking the law, again, because voting is mandatory. It's the law. Everyone must vote for the status quo to be maintained. My choice not to vote is fueled by a number of things, one of them being of course that in a democracy the ability to vote also means that you have the ability to not vote and it seems a deep flaw to make it so that people cannot make a choice. But primarily, I don't vote because voting in this country results in no real change. Pick the Coalition, pick the Labor Party. Pick the fuck who lied to you for eleven years, or the fuck who will lie to you for the next four. Pick the economic conservative, the social conservative, the white man surrounded by minders and advisers who will better play the middle line, who will ensure that white Australia is looked after. Pick for the cosmetic changes, because ultimately, nothing is going to change. I honestly believe that. I look at every change that the Howard Coalition bought in, and very few of them can I say Labor wouldn't have done; and the things that they wouldn't have, I am convinced there would have been a mirrored piece of change that would have taken this country to where it is now. I say this because I am so disillusioned with capitalist democracy that I do not believe that there is any point in taking part in it. I do not believe that any politician in this century will give a honest, god to fuck care about any of us. I do not believe they will think outside their four years in power. I do not believe they will think about the planet, about the people, about any kind of simple humanity that will ensure a better place on this planet, and look past colour, religion, sexuality, economics, and all the other ways we are divided and cut to realise that we are one kind of people on this planet, and that the only way to exist is to respect our differences, remove our poverty, and teach that in variety is compassion and tolerance, and I do not believe any of that will come, no matter who you pick today. Politics is not about that. It's about economics, about middle lines, about ensuring that some people never rise about the conditions they are born into, that others stay in their positions, and that fear of losing things holds you in place.

But worse, voting nowadays is about a compromise that is so deeply ingrained into the voter's psyche that he or she knows that they cannot get what they want, that they--that we--cannot all of us have what we want and exist in a multiplicity of ways and in wild contradiction against each other. It's about knowing that we must therefor make sacrifices of our beliefs and support the pale shadow of something that may have once resembled what we want.

It's about believing the lie about democracy, and then ensuring that we get behind it, again and again.
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