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The American Possession

I forget the name of the cathedral I went into in New York, but it's not really important. I'm a content agnostic, a term that I had to explain to an elderly black man covered in crosses later in LA, but I do dig the way those old buildings have been made, even if they do seem very similar to the ones in Sydney. At any rate, I took a few photos in the cathedral, but the interesting thing happens later. Later, every picture I took was fucked up--the camera, no matter how I fiddled, switched setting, did whatever, could not be saved. Just one of those things, really, of the thing picking a bad moment to fuck up; but, of course, when I add the cathedral part to this story, it makes it slightly more interesting, a build up, if you will, for me to show you some of these cool, but ultimately useless pictures.

I call them the American Possession series.


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