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Robotech: Sentinels II.

i've been buying the Robotech series as a way to support my childhood. the first thirty six episodes of the series, with rick and lisa and roy and minmei and so on and so forth is great. (the following two series aren't so good, though the third one is watchable.) it always bothered me that you never found out what happened to them after the end of their story line, but if you buy the box sets of the cartoons on DVD, you'll get an added extra called the Sentinels II.

running at about an hours length, it was the proposal film for sixty five episodes showing those characters in search of the robotech masters home world. it's basically set up, and if you have no interest in the characters, you'll likely have no interest in it.

but i did.

it's very cool.

minmei, the teen girl turned pop icon, and one of my favourite characters in the series, returns as a tragic, love lost twenty something. rick, now in command of the armed forces, broods and considers if he makes the right choices. (the dvd comes with notes, and in the series, he apparent disobeys orders and goes AWOL. neat, huh?) lisa returns with an unfortunate hair cut, and both she and rick get married. max and miriya are also there (both were horribly underused in the series, i thought) and they ditch their child on earth to visit other planets. miriya also suffers from bad hair, i might add. breetai is back...

if you liked the original series, like me, and rate it as one of the finer childhood cartoon moments, then this extra dvd is fantastic. i was entirely pleased to find it. and since this post has degenerated into rambling love of old eighties cartoons, i shall end.

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