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No Money No Money No Money

Today, the final HSC English test happened. A lot of people now never have to study High School English ever again, and some of them I know and like, and who I talked about Raymond Carver with.

Hopefully it'll be smiles for them come the end of the year.

Unfortunately, today is also the day I got bounced on my grant application, which is disappointing. Can't say I'm too surprised, though: No books in Australia, no publishers in Australia, and no reputation in Australia. All means no cash in Australia. You learn to gamble on these things and I knew the chance was slim. Got no publisher lined up for the book I pitched to them, either, and that probably has a lot of weight there. I figure one day I'll have publishers here. One day I'll even get some free cash from the Government. But, not today, and that means 2008 is another low in cash, mean year, in which I will be selling my soul to anyone with enough loaves of bread. Or something like that.


Free cash. It would have made a difference.
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