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Black Betty Reviews

Here's some reviews for my story, 'Black Betty'.

The first comes from the review site, the Fix--

The longest story of the issue, Ben Peek’s “Black Betty,” is written with originality and skill. The story is set out in the form of interviews with the crew of the Meredith, a ship which set out to track down a notorious pirate named Black Betty. Each speaker is given a distinctive voice, and the story unfolds at a pace that holds your interest right to the end. With vivid descriptions and some gruesome details thrown in to turn your stomach, this story should be a winner. Unfortunately, the ending is a slight disappointment. The entire story is condensed down and summarised in one paragraph, which detracts from the atmosphere of the piece.

--which is pretty nice, besides the end. However, that man of the pithy one line, BT (bluetyson) told me he liked the ending, and described the story as, "Pirate chasers find themselves in a bit of a pickle. 4 out of 5."

All good.

Have you read the piece yet? If not, then you should, since it's free and beautiful and about pirates.