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Birthday Request

The clock clicked over. Smile, it's my birthday, and it means nothing much at all.

Except, of course, I'm making a request on it, and a stranger request from me you're not going to be able to find. Well, at least today. You're probably thinking that I want money, women, islands... and yes, they're all good, but I'd rather--for this moment--score a copy of a Don Williams album entitled Now and Then of someone. I know, I know: Don Williams. What the fuck am I thinking? Well, truthfully, it's not for me, but rather my grandfather. He's had a tape of this album for fuck knows how many years. It's an old J&B thing, all red and with white bars on the top and bottom, with the very enticing tagline of 'As Seen On TV' to help sell it to you. I figure it was the kind of thing sold in the bins of service stations, but who knows. At any rate, he's quite fond of it, but his tape broke--the literal tape in it snapped--and I said I'd find a replacement. The problem is, unfortunately, all I can find is Greatest Hits albums and various albums that are not Now and Then, and what I'm looking for here is a basic replacement for what he lost, though it doesn't need to be on tape.

So: can anyone help me out? I'm not looking for an original, I assure you. A copy is more than enough and a torrent link will do just as well. I've come up short though, so if you could help me out, I'd be most appreciative.

Oh, and in case you have no idea who Don Williams is, then--

--he's part of the sideburns.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented. Deb Layne (deborahlive) found a vinyl copy for three bucks in Australia, so I ordered that, and we're all sweet.

You may now offer me money, girls, and islands, as per usual.
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