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The Miracles of The World

Hands up if you remember Nikki Webster from the Sydney Olympics?

Well, these, it appears, are the before and after shots of a shoot she did for FMH or whatever the acronym is for the magazine. I found it while searching for the before and after shots that Jamie Lee Curtis took about five years back to illustrate how three hours of with a team of make up artists turns her very ordinary middle aged figure into glam. The same thing goes for bony teen girls with ugly legs, it appears. Don't you just love the photoshop work?

You know, every time I see images like these, I can't help but think how fucked up we must all be to simply let this go on, and to let it define our unrealistic idea of beauty. Then my apathy kicks in. There's only so long you can keep feeling a profound sense of outrage at existing in a world of lies and make believe, before you simply sigh, and go back to writing your fiction of make believe and fantasy worlds.
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