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The Black Sheep Flash Game

From Brendan Connell:

I mentioned here that I thought Ben Peek’s novel was getting popular in Switzerland.

The poster seems to have disappeared from my previous post, so here is a slightly different version, gleened from the UDC website (this one is different since it has a knife):

Well, the fun continues, on this websight, in which you can pretend you are a goat at the Swiss boarder. There is a German and a French version, choose whichever is easier to negotiate.

The object of the game is to kick out the bad black sheep, and let in the good whities.

To begin playing, you must first answer one of the quiz questions. For instance, when it asks about the percentage of crimes in Switzerland commited by foreigners, you have to answer 85.5%. Then you can play.

What Brendan fails to tell you is that you can kick out bus loads of evil black sheep. Also, you can shoot bags of money and blue, star spangled hats in another game. I have no idea what that's for, but I can only imagine it's some crazy, right wing, racist thing.

Because, you know, the rest of it is.

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