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Black Sheep and Overland

In the mail this morning was my contributor copy of Overland 188, Against Reality. It is, I must say, a very nice looking magazine. The cover, one of the paintings from Jon Cattapan's Possible Histories, is really fucking cool, with a beautiful use of red on it.

Anyhow, I've only glanced through the magazine so far, but it looks like there are some real interesting essays and articles in there, and of course, there's my piece, 'Excerpts from Books Fifty Years from Now,' which of course makes me a totally unbiased observer. Yes. Actually, you know, all that aside, it does look like a cool little mag, a kind of political left bit of literature that looks to have a nice diversity of topics in it. Plus, that cool cover. If that kind of thing works for you--and it does me, I must admit--then I don't think you'll be doing yourself a disservice to get a copy of the mag.

Also in the mail today was a box of the new copies of Black Sheep from Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown). Having looked through them, I can assure everyone that the spacing within the book has been fixed, and it is now, in as much as you'll enjoy it based on your own tastes, something you should buy and enjoy and tell everyone about, cause it needs the word of mouth to pull it from the corner its limped into. It's been a poor, suffering little book, really, and I have no idea what I'm going to do to get it in front of people. But that's nothing for you all to concern yourself with me--I'm just thinking aloud.

If you're interested, by the way, Amazon has the sale that is not the sale, but really a button you can click to make two purchases easier option to buy Black Sheep and 26Lies together. You could do that for me and later weep at my funeral.

It's all I ask.
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