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My APEC Post

Yes, APEC will soon be arriving. On the TV, George W. Bush is busy apologising for the disruption he'll cause. He's probably not aware that everyone in Sydney gets a public holiday on Friday because of it.

Well, nearly everyone. Public holidays mean shit to the self employed. Reckon if I ask George W. for some compensation, he'll give it to me?

Apart from not getting a free money on Friday, APEC is also annoying because I was suppose to be picking up a friend from the airport on Friday night. Of course, the airport is closed to all potential villains and terrorists and people who have friends coming from Melbourne, and so D has to make his way out on the train, which, incidentally, potential villains and terrorists will also be using on that day. Perhaps in frustration at CityRail, they'll take out a few carriages and stops along the way. I can live in hope, at least.

Still, if you're curious to see how the inner parts of Sydney are being prepared for APEC, you should jump over to John Au-Yeung's blog, where he has pretty photos of all the wire fences that have been erected throughout the city. You can also read about the deserted streets. The emptiness of the Quay. The homeless looking so lonely. The way police hassle tourists if they start to take photos of the fences. You think they would have stopped John, but he must have that I'm-From-Sydney-And-Know-How-To-Bribe-Cops-With-A-Brown-Paper-Bag-And-Fistful-Of-Cash-Attitude, since they didn't.

What we really need are some shots of Police beating John as he photographs the fences. Perhaps as George W. Bush drives past, in his motorcade.

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