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New Interview.

I did an interview with Brendan Connell (brendanconnell), the author of The Translation of Father Torturo and the Dr. Black stories (well, actually, it's probably more fair to say he did an interview with me).

It's a different interview than the others I've done, in that Brendan and I did it over msn, mostly. Time differences meant we did a bit over email as well, but still, the overall result is that it's much more like a conversation than me getting a set of questions and answering them, which is what usually happens. Also, we cover a lot of different things. It's about Black Sheep, but we talk about 26Lies, A Year in the City, and America, oddly enough. Brendan's blog is pretty cool, too, so you ought to click, and spend some time there. In fact, to help you lazy livejournal people, I created a feed for you all, since I've got it running through my bloglines account and don't need it. I do this because I am magnificent and beautiful.

Tags: blacksheep, twentysixlies/onetruth

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