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Aliens Vs Predator, A Dialogue

Am I the only person who thinks the new Alien Vs Predator film looks like a teen horror flick?

I think you're the only person thinking about it.

No, seriously.


Teen horror.

I dunno, man. All I hear is people going on about the violence and how much there is--but it's all so fake I can't see how people are getting worked up on it.

Look--look, forget that. Do you see the teenagers that are played by actors in their thirties thing going on?

Maybe they're in their mid twenties in the film?

Come on, don't you totally get an I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe out of this?

At a push.

I'd go more Texas Chainsaw Massacre the remake, myself.

You do see it!



Fucking cunt.




Anyhow, you want to know what I really love? I love how the film is called Requiem. That's total class.

It's Mozart and Latin funerals all over again, man.
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