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Fuck Off and Die (Australia's New Citizenship Test)

Australia has unveiled details of a new citizenship test for immigrants.

They will be asked questions about history, institutions and culture - as well as committing to Australian social values focusing on "mateship".


Critics believe the requirement of an English language exam discriminates against non-English speakers.


The prospective citizen will have to give a correct answer to 12 out of 20 questions - drawn from a total of about 200.

Some elements will almost certainly be beyond the knowledge of many ordinary Australians, says the BBC's Nick Bryant in Sydney.

They include knowing the country's first prime minister or when European settlers arrived in Australia - or what the opening line of the national anthem is. Another one could be related to the nation's most important horse race.


For the first time, the draft guide lists 10 essential Australian values every citizen must embrace - focusing on "mateship and a fair go" and including tolerance, compassion, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and secular government, equality of men and women and peacefulness."

Yes, because nothing quite says tolerance, compassion, freedom of speech, religion, government and equality for all like refusing someone citizenship cause they can't tell you what's important about a fucking horse race.

In english, no less.

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