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Tilly and the Wall

I have given up listening to the radio this year. It wasn't that I didn't mind the music, it was just that I hated the chat. I discovered that I was one of those people who just wanted to listen to music as he drove, and fuck the unamusing and often uninteresting opinions of those who appeared between each tune.

Yesterday, however, coming back from the workshop, the battery on my ipod ran out. Fuck. I tried shaking it. I pleaded with it, then shouted, but no go. Dead. I have an airwave device I attach to the back of it, and it sucks the power out of the ipod pretty quickly, and that's what had done it. I had been driving round with it the night before while working and forgot to recharge it. What can I say? It's a pretty boring little story, but I tried to spice it up for you. Anyhow: the point of it is that I was forced to turn back to the radio or drive in silence. There was a lot of traffic, which meant I was stuck there for a while, so I picked the radio, where Triple J managed to piss me off with its moron of the afternoon. The other channels weren't any better. I tried the religious stations, but I couldn't get behind what they were saying, and those all chat stations are like being put into a chamber of white noise for torture. In the car, it's simply a moving chamber. There were a few stations in languages I didn't understand, so no help from them, but they were better than the chat I could understand. Anyhow: the long and short of it is that I ended up back at triple J, but this, actually, turned out to be okay, since the band above, Tilly and the Wall, were doing a prerecorded live set, where they did one of their own songs, Bad Medicine, and a cover of the Violent Femmes' Kiss Off.

They were pretty cool. I liked everything about it that I heard. I put down the gun I had against my temple. No need for another suicide in Sydney's traffic. I know there's suicides, because I drove by a banner that said, One in Three Road Fatalities are Pedestrians. That seemed a strange thing to advertise until I realised it was warning me about In Car Suicide. Two out of Three Road Fatalities are caused by bad radio stations.

But the band!


You know the best thing?

They have a tap dancer for a drummer.

Oh, sure, it's a gimmick, and it's a gimmick they've been getting some mileage out of, but who doesn't like a good gimmick? Besides, the music is clean and crisp and the vocals lovely. Also, I might be in love with the bass player. Which, all in all, is a pretty good result for being trapped in the car with the radio on.

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