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John Wayne

Rich Horton reviewed Aurealis #37 at SF Site and, about my piece 'John Wayne', wrote:

And, finally, Ben Peek's "John Wayne" is a really curious story -- an alternate history, it seems, of John Wayne's life and death, featuring a meeting with Orson Welles and an encounter with Stalinist assassins. The story is certainly politically energized -- with Wayne shown fearing Koreans and Hispanics before finally meeting the real menace. But I confess it all seemed out of focus to me -- almost trivial -- Wayne simply doesn't have enough resonance to me to make the story really matter. That said, I did feel in the presence of an engaged writer -- which is always worth something.

Nice last line, huh?




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Aug. 17th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
i don't care enough about picking and choosing. others can do that. me, i'm happy to put the whole thing there and let people decide for themselves.

anyhow, man, you need to reassess your glass thing. there's no glass. there's just what you thought when you wrote it. i know what my stuff is worth to me--all other opinions and secondary to that.
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