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For All the New People (Two of You, Probably)

Andrew Macrea (andrewmacrae) got himself boingboinged, and so I snuck in behind him to tell people that they could spend hard earned money on a book with his cover. I laughed and wrote that he'd won an award, which he indeed had, though rumour has it only twenty people voted in the whole thing, and people never have the same respect for 'the award twenty people voted for' as opposed to 'the award he won for his cover', so I left the details out. The promise of some sold books makes me say any old thing, really, and the cover is pretty cool, so fuck it, right?

Anyhow, this blog has had a bit of traffic. All of it to one page, but still, lets assume a few people stick round.

If you're new to this, blog, they hey.

My name is Ben Peek.

I am not the person at the top of the page. I've a beanie and I'm meaner looking. Instead, I am the author of the autobiography Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, and the dystopian novel, Black Sheep; and yes, that is my face on the cover of the former. I told you I wasn't as pretty as the man in the hat. Anyhow: there's also a bunch of short fiction out there with my name on it, and a wikipedia page to vaguely explain what kind of things I do when I write, and none of it which underlines the fact that I'm broke, irritatable, and have had a shit week, half of which was on here, but the more important half, which wasn't. That isn't the way things usually roll on this blog, but what can you do, huh? Right now, all I want is the End of the World so that the entire planet can be wiped clean and forced into a kind of from the burnt remains rebirth. I guess that's just the kind of guy I am. In short, I'm always thinking about the children's welfare.

At the bottom of this page is an illustration from 26lies. It was done by Anna Brown, who created the comix that I threaded through the narrative of the book, much in the way that other autobiographies include images taken from various parts of their life.

It's just another reason why you should spend the cash on the book.


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