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I did an interview with Vera Nazarian (norilana) about Black Sheep on her blog:

Bright, intellectual, and outspoken, Ben Peek is a Sydney-based author with an attitude. His knife's-edge provocative fiction has appeared in the Leviathan, Agog, and Polyphony anthology series, as well as the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is the author of the award winning Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth which was published by Wheatland Press. Ben says "The cover won the award." :-)

One thing's sure -- Ben's got a helluva distinctive voice. Be sure to check out his stylish and opinionated blog and his MySpace page.

Sweet introduction, huh?

It's all downhill after that, because I begin talking, but still, be sure to check it out. I talk about this book, the new book, what actors I think should be in the film...

Also, if you've got a blog or website out there, and you want to do an interview thing with me for the book, email me. If you want a review copy, you'll have to hassle the publisher for it, but by all means do so. Make him feel your love.

You can by the book here, at Amazon, or here at Galaxy Bookshop. Buying the book is showing me love. You want to show me love because you all love me.

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