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When Down and Out Artists Watch Movies

On Saturday night I watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. L had scored a burnt copy out of her father in that way that Asian-Parents-Organise-Stolen-Films-For-Their-Children-Fashion. This meant that since the two of us didn't pay cash, our critical capacity was on full, and our insights of the film fully worth recording here on the blog that is known for it's uncompromising dedication to art:

"Why does she have that hair?" I said, early on.

"Jessica Alba?"


"It's pretty ugly," L agreed. "They should have gone for a honey blonde."

"Don't they hire people to stop that kind of hair?"

Earlier, I got to see the fashion brochure that L had shot, recently, and it was quite stylish and I thought it actually quite neat. Anyhow, I mention this because, while I didn't think that honey blonde hair would have worked, I don't pretend to be an expert, and one of us in the room is connected to the fashion industry, and one of us tries to keep out of that sort of stuff. Me, I reckon Jessica Alba should just have dark hair, since it suits her skin, but then I guess that wouldn't be authentic to the comic. You know, like how an actor walking round in a rubber suit that's meant to look like rock is.

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