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Anigao Girl

Theres a new type of business aimed at Otaku who love 2D girls but cant stand the face of real girls - satsueikai (photo session) of hybrid models called "Anigao" meaning "anime face".

Anigao Girls offer you the exciting chance to pay a measly 10,000 yen to take photos of an Anigao Girl for one whole hour. The session is 1x1 and you get to choose what costume you want her to wear. It costs 1,000 yen per extra costume and if you bring your own costume for her to wear then its going to cost you an extra 1,500 yen. If you want her to wear a bikini then its an extra 2,500 yen (all prices here)

Anigao Girls is located in Akihabara so if you need a break from buying Gundams n Figures then this could be something to add to your schedule.

Link for the site (in Japanese).

Link to original article.

(I'm basically linking all this here cause I reckon I can make a story out of it. Perhaps unrelated: a few years back, I saw an Asian girl on the train. In itself, nothing out of the ordinary. However, this girl--a real delicate, waif like girl--was wearing a costume, some anime cos play thing, though I've long ago forgot what, exactly. Anyhow, she was pretty, but that's not what drew my attention, no. Rather, she had these white stockings on, and her legs, for some unknown reason, looked wooden in them. As if she had wooden legs. I couldn't get the thought that there was this girl riding the train in costume and with a pair of wooden legs. I knew she didn't have wooden legs, of course, and I'm pretty sure if she noticed me staring at her legs I wasn't doing myself any favours, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head. It sticks there, even now, this little idea of a story that I think relates to a crime novel, but which may not, and which maybe I can use here. Who knows. Girls with anime faces and wooden legs. It sounds good in my head.)
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