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More on Words From the City

From Rob Hood:

I notice that Words From the City has been gaining a lot of praise. In the latest issue of Madman’s Directors Suite Newsletter, it is noted that the Brisbane International Film Festival is screening Words From the City

… which has the glorious honour of being the only film accepted into all Australian film festivals this year, and has already garnered a nomination for Best Documentary in this year’s AFI Awards.

You'd be surprised by the email I've received regarding the film and my review, actually. Its all been given in confidence though, so you all just going to have to put up with my slight obsession with the film and its reception now, but trust me, it's pretty funny. Incidentally, as the film is garnering such respect, now is the time to link my review round and cause everyone to get their underwear in a twist, in that pure Oh-My-God-He-Said-A-Bad-Thing-About-Australian-Art-Way.

Didn't read the review I wrote, and which was too negative to publish?

It's here.
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