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Music (It Can't Be Emo All the Time)

Looks like I've finally left the last phase of emo music behind for a while which, I'm sure, will stop the slowly diminishing respect that was happening here because of it. Never fear, though, for I am sure it'll be back. If I was fifteen, I'd be an emo kid, I'm sure.

Anyhow, that doesn't mean there isn't other music to talk about, and today's pick is Blitzen Trapper's new album, White Mountain Nation.

I come to the band with virtually no knowledge about them, except that they're based out of the States, in Portland, Oregon, actually, and have self released all of their three albums, including this last one. I haven't heard the first two, but the new one is a mash of country, psychedelia, indie pop, and all with a pure geek sensibility that reminds me in touches of the Flaming Lips (but only in touches, like the way that you leave a fingerprint on a silver tray). The clip above shows them dancing round with kid toy instruments, and I reckon that does enough to support to geek sensibility. With their glorious geek energy White Mountain Nation is a really fine, bubbling, energetic album, and I totally dig it.

I have, also, been listening to Band of Horses' album, Everything All the Time, which was released last year. Frontman Ben Bridle's vocals remind me a lot of Jim James from My Morning Jacket, but I find the band more interesting, lyric and tune wise, than the latter. In fact, I suppose the difference is that I heard one My Morning Jacket Album, thought it was pretty okay, but have never been moved to hear another. Whereas Band of Horses will have a new album, Cease to Begin, released in October, and I'll be right there for that.

I've also given a few new spins to the new Midnight Movies album, Lion in the Girl, which seems pretty solid so far, but I've been caught up in the Blitzen Trapper release to give it a good listen. Still, it sounds good, and I'll be going back to it.
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